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InterValley Ventures is a dynamic Venture Capital Fund that invests in ground-breaking Australian technology. In addition, we facilitate the entry of companies into the Japanese market during their early stages of development. Founded in 2019, our organization benefits from the support and investment of trusted partners spread across Australia and Japan. To date, InterValley Ventures has successfully invested in early stage companies, encompassing a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies–particularly those that aim to transform industries and address global problems. In fact, our commitment to making a positive impact is evident through our allocation of a minimum of 80% of our capital specifically within Australia.

Australia is experiencing a surge in high tech and tech value creation as exemplified by burgeoning Australian unicorns like Canva, Atlassian, Airwallex and Employment Hero. As of June 2023, Australia has $2.5-3Bn available in venture capital funds under management to develop quality, high growth companies. Critically, Australia has an affordable talent pool and realistic deal pricing – a healthy contrast with other global venture investing hot spots.

Japan’s outbound M&A and investment in open innovation is at an all time high. This reflects its desire to combat secular economic headwinds, with corporate Japan looking abroad for new technologies and product ideas to complement existing (and create new) revenue lines. Japan also has global distribution networks and supply chains seeking ways to improve performance.

At InterValley Ventures, we pride ourselves on providing the necessary expertise and financial backing to empower emerging companies in their pursuit of technological advancement and industry transformation.

We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and learn, and pay respect to the First Nations Peoples and their elders, past, present and future.

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Our Story

Our Story

Intervalley uniquely provides their porfolio with privileged access to the client base of its investor, Mizuho Financial Group, which has deep relationships with more than 70% of corporate Japan. We utilise these relationships for the benefit of the Fund's network and portfolio. This positions us as a co-investor of choice for the best VCs in Australia for portfolio assets relevant to Japan.

The great people we work with

Intervalley uniquely provides their porfolio with privileged access to the client base of its investor, Mizuho Financial Group, which has deep relationships with more than 70% of corporate Japan. We utilise these relationships for the benefit of the Fund’s network and portfolio. This positions us as a co-investor of choice for the best VCs in Australia for portfolio assets relevant to Japan.




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Important Information

Important Information

FIEA Article 63:


本ファンドは金融商品取引法第63条に基づく「適格機関投資家等特例業務」に関する特例の適用を受けています。適格機関投資家等特例業務に関する公衆縦覧【法第63条第6項】はこちらのリンクからご覧頂けます。Form 20-2 [Japan]

For Investors in Japan:

InterValley Ventures Pty Ltd has filed the Notification for Specially Permitted Businesses for Qualified Institutional Investors, etc. (SPBQII) to the Financial Services Agency of Japan pursuant to Article 63 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (FIEA). Public Inspection Regarding Specially Permitted Businesses for Qualified Institutional Investors, etc. [FIEA Article 63(6)] is available at the following link: Form 20-2 [Japan]

Important Information:

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Investment risk warning: Investment in the Fund involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for investors who are unable to sustain the loss of all or part of the sum invested, or who require predictable levels of return or liquidity. Section 6 of the separate InterValley AI/HUMAN, LP Information Memorandum sets out additional risks of an investment in the Fund. Potential investors should assess their own appetite for such risks independently and consult their own advisors before making a decision to invest in the Fund. Investment in the Fund should be regarded as speculative and is subject to the conflicts of interest described in the separate Information Memorandum. Investments should be considered only by wholesale investors.